About Us

Robobabez BV is a European company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands in operation five years. We at Robobabez create and design premium quality products for the adult industry worldwide. Our beautiful Amsterdam is a city known for its vibrant culture and its amazing nightlife. But it is also known throughout the world as Europe’s central capital for adult entertainment and premium adult products.

Our head office is located at Queens Tower, Amsterdam, and our warehouse distribution is based on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Robobabez has many years of experience producing and designing bespoke products for select clientele.

We now bring our amazing products for our online customers and we also sell our products in cooperation with trusted vendors worldwide. Our Robobobabez products are made from premium quality materials for your ultimate pleasure.

We also design and sell our own premium brand full silicon life-size ultra realistic Robobabez sex doll playmate range. Our brands are copyrighted and trademarked to protect our customers safety and brand integrity. We have over fourty product lines currently available for sale.

Robobabez Vendor Programme

Robobabez currently operates a robust vendor partner programme with trusted vendors and resellers selling premium adult products worldwide. If you are a vendor who currently sells.premium.certified adult products. Then why not reach out to us and we will be happy to speak with you.