Robobabez Customization Process

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Have you imagined enjoying the intimate entertaining company of your perfectly created synthetic partner that’s created and designed to your exact expectations and desires? Robobabez BV, a European adult company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the capital for adult entertainment, specializes in making this imagination reality.

Some companies offer this service but fall far short of clients expectations. We at Robobabez understand that communication and understanding the client’s vision is the most important part of this process. Our staff are European and offer professional communication and understanding for your needs.

We discreetly deal with all clients on a one to one basis. We understand our clients’ needs. We communicate effectively with our clients and completely understand that each client’s needs and expectations are unique to their vision and this entire process is different for each client.

We understand our clients’ time is equally important. Our customization consultant is always on hand to deal with our clients’ questions and we ensure that we will make every accommodation for our clients expectations and out of hours consultation service is available for our customization clients.

Most clients ask how long the customization process takes from initial meeting to completed product. The amount of time for each customization project is different as some clients know exactly what they’re looking for and other clients prefer the guided process with our consultant.

The customization process usually takes between two to four months. The customization process project can cost clients depending on project duration and extra options between $7,500 to $ 30,000. The process starts with the client making an appointment via email with our customization department and a secure online consultation is arranged with the client. The first online consultation is subject to a consultation fee of $150.00 ( Non refundable) per client and this consultation lasts for 30 minutes and during the course of the consultation the client’s vision and needs will be assessed discussing project vision and product options which suits the clients needs best. The client will be given a selection of options on moving forward with the project and how much the customization will cost from initiation to completion.

The second online consultation will be arranged if the client agrees to move forward. This will be a online consultation with each duration of 30 minutes with a fee of $80 per meeting with a dedicated member of our rendering team who works with the client to create their desired synthetic partner. This process is not rushed and the process can be completed over three online consultations to ensure the client can review and discuss all options from height to skin tone,hair colour to eye colour and skin blemishes to cup sizes. The fees paid for render consultancy will be reimbursed to the client when the client authorises and makes payment for the final project (This not exceeding a maximum of three render consultant meetings of 30 minutes costing $ 240.00).

When the client agrees with the final render with their consultant,They will be asked if they wish to proceed with the final phase of the process. The process will be discussed between the client and their project consultant and project fees will need to be paid for the clients customization project to proceed to its completion. The client will receive weekly updates on their project up to and during the delivery process which is included in the clients cost.

We are fully tax compliant and we offer discreet billing services.

Should you have any questions or would like to initiate the customization, please reach out to us via email:

Important Information

Robobabez will not reproduce any customization or project which our  consultants or staff believe to be a depiction of a minor under the age of 18 years of age regardless of age of consent for any region or territory.