For Vendors and Resellers

Here at Robobabez we welcome vendors and resellers who are interested in selling our premium products. We believe that if you desire to advertise and sell our products to your valued customers, we will assist you in every way possible and ensure that we give you the geographical space (Geosales) that enables you to make the best sales possible for your business in the area that you sell to your customers.

We believe that vendors and resellers should get a fair deal when it comes to selling our premium products. This effectively means that Robobabez will not authorise a competing vendor or reseller in your selected area to sell our products. We select a maximum amount of vendors and resellers for each country.

Our website may advertise prices, but we do not sell directly from our website. The sales price between resellers, vendors and Robobabez BV will remain confidential. We do not allow vendors and resellers to sub sell our stock to other vendors that have not been authorised directly by Robobabez.

We refer all customers to our authorised vendors. We will never sell to a customer directly. We will ask all customers  who contact our company to contact you directly in
relation to sales and sales queries.

However in the event that Robobabez does not have a vendor or reseller in any region then we will make a provision to refer the customer to the nearest vendor or reseller.

In relation to any sales information all vendors / resellers can mail us directly at and in relation to office enquiries you can mail us directly at and we can arrange a zoom or skype meeting with one of our sales teams.

The prices that Robobabez quotes to the vendor / reseller is the set price for the product and this ensures fair business practice with a fair profit for the seller as well as a fair price for the customer. The vendor / reseller will pay the cost of logistics for the products they wish to purchase for their customers. If the vendor has a logistics company, e.g. UPS or DHL they may use these providers. The vendor / reseller may wish Robobabez to add shipping for any purchase and we will add this cost if they find this more convenient.

If the vendor / reseller is located within the EU European union then tax on this product must be applied and all tax law fully adhered to at all times.